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Ashgrove Golf Club - Local Rules

As at 07/02/2012

Please check the daily local rules on display at the Club and also the scorecard as the definitive sources of information.

Daily Local Rules

  • 14th hole LHS (hill) GUR clarification - Mown section IS IN PLAY, unmown sections are GUR
  • All new work is to be treated as GUR.  One club length nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole.
  • Area between Grounds Shed and concrete path on 18th hole is now Out of Bounds (OOB)
  • "Through the green" - a ball embedded in its own pitch mark - place 1 card length no nearer the green

Local Rules

  • All barriers including hoops, ropes, string, posts and safety nets are immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2)
  • Solar post and safety light on 3rd hole are immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2)
  • Pathways, constructed pathways or bare approaches to these pathways and bridges are to be treated as immpvable obstructions - relief without penalty (Rule 24-2)
  • Powerlink posts, protective screens and shelters, ornamental gardens, drainage grids, distance markers, rock/block retaining walls, irrigation points, sprinkler heads,large rock on 5th fairway, power poles on 18th fairway,  sand bins and tee signs are treated as immovable obstructions - relief without penalty (Rule 24-2)
  • Irrigation points within 2 clublengths of a green : line of putt  relief may be obtained without penalty (Rule 24-2)
  • Wheel tracks: a ball resting in a wheel trackthrough the green may be lifgted and dropped within one clublength but no nearer the hole and without penalty (Rule 25-1)
  • A ball hitting a directional barrier (including solar post and safety light, and Powerlink posts) may be played as it lies or replayed without penalty
  • Relief:  if a ball lies on bare patches on closely mown fairway or in a sand filled divot, 1 club length nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1)
  • All areas affected by washouts from paths are GUR (Rule 25-1)
  • Out of Bounds: in addition to those boundaries so marked, the left hand side of the 8th fairway is defined by the bicycle path.  A ball resting on or crossing the path is out of bounds.
  • Bennett Road: A ball which crosses Bennett Road, defined as out of bounds, and comes to rest beyond that road, is out of bounds even though it may be in bounds.
  • A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If during a round a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designated to gague or measure other conditions that might affect his play  (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.
  • All relief from GUR is compulsory free relief - 1 club length nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole (unless othewise marked with a drop zone)

Coloured stakes: Black - O.O.B, Yellow - water hazard, Red - lateral water hazard,  White - G.U.R